Tim Klapp, the owner of Golden Coast Golf Carts, is a born native of the Golden Isles of Georgia. He began his career as an auto body paint technician and remained in this line of work for over 18 years.

Tim found his passion for golf carts unexpectedly when he was left with an old golf cart that didn’t even run. One day, he took the body off of the golf cart, painted it, put in new batteries, a lift, tires, and wheels and began using it all the time before eventually selling it to a neighbor. Afterward, he thought to himself, “Man, I miss my golf cart,” so he bought another one, fixed it up and sold it. He did this several more times before deciding that golf carts were what he wanted to build his career around.

In 2016, he saw an opportunity and opened his first store off of highway 341 in Brunswick, GA. Once word of mouth spread, Tim realized he was going to need more space and, in 2019, he opened our current location and the end of the St. Simons Island Causeway. Golden Coast Golf Carts has since become the preferred choice of residents for golf cart sales, service, and rentals in Brunswick, St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island, Darien, and surrounding areas.